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        Wenzhou MeiErNuo Chemical Co., Ltd.

        0577-86799090 86120111

        磐石永固 技術超群

        Reliable best shade,provide a skin never fade.
        English 中文版

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        Interview Process
        Fill in the resume template:Fill in the resume information truthfully, Any question, please contact us by email or phone.
        Interview includes three stages:ministry of personnel interview, business department, professional career assessment.
        Results the reply:We will feedback the interview results within 3 working days

        Welcome to Meiernuo CHEM:
        • 1
          High moral character
          Resist to tempt
        • 2
          Total Engagement
          Work at any time in the first place, they never stop without outstanding performance.
        • 3
          Full of dreams
          No difficulty die dream wings, firmly go on
        • 4
          Any dispute to the general situation as heavy.
        • 5
          Be strict with oneself
          Any conditions can strictly abide by the rules and regulations.
        • 6
          Dare to play
          Any problems can in I was the first person appear, never excuse.
        If you fit this description, look forward to and welcome you to join ! Because of the backbone of Meiernuo CHEM is formed by a group of people like this.
        If you are interested in any one position, pls contact us:
        We will be a one-to-one communication and keep in touch with you.

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        Contact us

        Add: Room 1613, Building A, Wenzhou E-commerce Mansion, Ningbo Road, Panqiao Street, Ouhai District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China


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