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        Wenzhou MeiErNuo Chemical Co., Ltd.

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        磐石永固 技術超群

        Reliable best shade,provide a skin never fade.
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        High - grade wool with reactive dyes

        This series are wool reactive dyestuffs with high performance. It contains double reactive groups, with its water fastness , high stability, good performance in wet fastness and free of heavy metals, can meet OeKo-Tex100 environmental demands.

        Main features

        Contains α-bromo-acrylamide active group, chromatography full, especially suitable for Wool worsted industry.

        * Especially suitable for the dyeing of machine washable wool.

        * Suitable for the dyeing of high temperature or boiling temperature.

        * Good light fastness

        * Stay with a high performance of High-wet because of solved by the Chlorinated water or shrinkproof.

        * Can be combined with the Cationic dyes to dye the Wool/acrylic blended fibers.


        Color Sample Product C.I.No.
        Reactive Yellow 4G 100% Reactive Yellow 39
        Reactive Orange RG 100%  
        Reactive Red 2G 100% Reactive Red 116
        Reactive Red 3G  100% Reactive Red 136
        Reactive Red 6G  100% Reactive Red 84
        Reactive Red GN  100% Reactive Red 446
        Reactive Red B  100% Reactive Red 65
        Reactive Red 5B 100% Reactive Red 66
        Reactive Blue 3R 100% Reactive Blue 50
        Reactive Blue 3G 100% Reactive Blue 69
        Reactive Dark Blue B-01 100%  

        Technology of dyeing
        (For example of Wool, only for reference)

        Dye dissolved: Dyes beat with cold water, Stir in not more than 60 ℃ warm water to dyes completely dissolved, then Cooling & filter, join to the dyes vat.

        Process of graphs

        Dyeing prescription
        A: Penetrant  CA   0.5-1 g/l

           Dye leveller B    1-2 g/l

           Acetic acid        x g/l

           Adjust pH=4.5-7

        B:Dyes       X%


        Washing crafts 
        Put the sodium carbonate or ammonium hydroxide to the dye bath, adjust the PH to 8-8.5, and keep 15-20mintues under the temperature of 80-85℃. Then fully washed it by cold water and adjust the dye bath to PH=5 by the acetic acid.


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