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        Wenzhou MeiErNuo Chemical Co., Ltd.

        0577-86799090 86120111

        磐石永固 技術超群

        Reliable best shade,provide a skin never fade.
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        Products > Accessory ingredient >  Textile auxiliaries

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        Product name Detail
        MRN8760 Antistatic agent Detail
        Penetration agent for mercerization Detail
        Sourcing agent with low foam Detail
        Penetration leveling agent Detail
        Detergent of emulsifying Detail
        Softening agent Detail
        MRN8590 Activator Detail
        MRN8HSP Finishing agent Detail
        Chemical setting of wool and wool blends( wool finishing product) Detail
        Peroxide bleach special auxiliary Detail
        Stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide Detail
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        Add: Room 1613, Building A, Wenzhou E-commerce Mansion, Ningbo Road, Panqiao Street, Ouhai District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China


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