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        Wenzhou MeiErNuo Chemical Co., Ltd.

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        磐石永固 技術超群

        Reliable best shade,provide a skin never fade.
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        Applications > Leather > Solvent dyes( Water-oil based)

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        metal complex dyes (water and oil based)

        Water oil gender tartrazine Y-61-S Water and oil gender golden Y-20-S
        The water oil gender yellow orange O-62-S Gender water oil red-orange 0-09-S
        Water and oil gender the scarlet R-06-S Water and oil sexes purple R-04-S
        The water and oil sexes peach R-10-S Water and oil sexes purple V-60-S
        Gender light brown water and oil BN-62-S Gender light dark brown water and oil BN-61-S
        Gender red brown water and oil BN-48-S Gender sky blue water and oil BL-06-S
        Gender dark blue water and oil BL-03-S The water oil sexes green GN-60-S
        Water and oil the gender Blu-ray black-B-20-S The water oil sexes pure black-B-56-S
        Water and oil the gender Blu-ray black-B-81-S Water and oil the gender Blu-ray black-B-34-S


        Introduction: This product is a liquid dye, can fully miscible with water or solvent, liquid dye is environmentally friendly.
        Usage: Dye color and surface spray coloring of leather goods, suede hair dyeing.
        (1) may be an appropriate proportion directly diluted with water and join the uniform mixing of the aqueous resin, casein, additives and other surface coating or curtain coating.
        (2) may be an appropriate proportion directly diluted with water and added to the aqueous contact agent, tumbling stirred added dyed wool products, heating for a certain time, removed out for cleaning the drying opening.



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