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        Product application >> Plastics & Rubbers >> Oil soluble dyes

        Oil soluble dyes


        Advanced plastic colorant is the most ideal of all kinds of plastic colorants, with strong coloring, good heat resistance, high light fastness, acid and alkali resistance, bright color etc.. At present, widely used in daily plastic bobbin materials, industrial oil, paint and ink, masterbatch coloring material, some varieties suitable for chemical fiber, polyester, nylon, acetate fiber spinning coloring.

        Plastic solvent dyes

        Product Name

        Color Index

        Name of similar products abroad

        Lucifer Yellow R

        Solvent Yellow 43

        Smoke Yellow Dense (HDC)

        Transparent Yellow 3G

        Solvent Yellow 93

        Macrolex Yellow 3G (LANXESS)

        Lucifer Yellow 3G

        Solvent Yellow 98

        Hostasol Yellow 3G (DyStar)

        Transparent Yellow G

        Solvent Yellow 114

        Macrolex Yellow G (LANXESS)

        Lucifer Yellow 8GF

        Solvent Yellow 145

        Oracet Yellow 8GF (BASF)

        Transparent Yellow RN

        Pigment Yellow 147

        Oracet Yellow RB(BASF)

        Transparent Yellow HG

        Solvent Yellow 157

        Keyplast Lemon Yellow (KEY)

        Transparent Yellow 5R

        Solvent Yellow 163

        Waxoline Yellow 5RP FW (BSAF)

        Transparent Yellow GHS

        Solvent Yellow 163

        Oracet Yellow GHS (CIBA)

        Transparent Yellow R

        Solvent Yellow 176

        Solvaperm Yellow G (HST)

        Transparent Yellow 6G

        Solvent Yellow 179

        Macrolex Yellow 6G (LANXESS)

        Lucifer Yellow 10G

        Solvent Yellow 185

        Polysolve Yellow 82 (PLSV)

        Transparent Orange 3G

        Solvent Orange 60

        Macrolex Orange 3G (LANXESS)

        Lucifer Red GG

        Solvent Orange 63

        Hostasol Red GG (DyStar)

        Transparent Orange R

        Solvent Orange 107

        Macrolex Orange R (LANXESS)

        Transparent Red 5B

        Solvent Red 52

        Macrolex Red 5B (LANXESS)

        Transparent Red GS

        Solvent Red 111

        Macrolex Red G (BAY)

        Transparent Red EG

        Solvent Red 135

        Filester Red GA (BASF)

        Lucifer Red G

        Solvent Red 149

        Keyplast Fluorescent Red G (KEY)

        Transparent Red R

        Solvent Red 179

        Macrolex Red E2G (LANXESS)

        Transparent Red 2B

        Solvent Red 207

        Keyplast Red M6B (KEY)

        Transparent Red 3B

        Solvent Red 227

        Polysolve Disperse Red 22 (PLSV)

        Transparent Blue GN

        Solvent Blue 63

        Geres Blue GN (BAY)

        Transparent Blue GP

        Solvent Blue 78

        Sumiplast Blue GP

        Transparent Blue RR

        Solvent Blue 97

        Macrolex Blue RR (LANXESS)

        Transparent Blue 2R

        Solvent Blue 104

        Keyplast Blue KP (KEY)

        Transparent Blue 5R

        Solvent Blue 122

        Filester Blue 2RA (BASF)

        Transparent Green 5B

        Solvent Green 3

        Macrolex Green 5B (LANXESS)

        Transparent Green 6G

        Solvent Green 28

        Macrolex Green G (LANXESS)

        Transparent Violet 27

        Disperse Violet 27


        Transparent Violet BA

        Disperse Violet 57

        Filester Violet BA (BASF)

        Transparent Violet B

        Solvent Violet 13

        Macrolex Violet B (LANXESS)

        Transparent Violet 2R

        Solvent Violet 14

        Keyplast Violet PT (KEY)

        Transparent Violet RR

        Solvent Violet 31

        Kiwalon Polyester Violet 2RE

        Transparent Violet 3R

        Solvent Violet 36

        Macrolex Violet 3R (LANXESS)

        Transparent Violet 2B

        Solvent Violet 37

        Sandoplast Violet FBL (CLH)

        Transparent Violet 5R

        Solvent Violet 59

        Solvaperm Red Violet R (HST)

        Transparent Black 4B

        Solvent black 3

        Polysolve Black 3 (PLSV)

        Range of use

        Advanced plastic colorant is oil soluble dye category can be dissolved in organic solvent. Can be used as a single color can be used in accordance with the needs of a certain proportion of the use of a variety of colors. Are applicable to all kinds of plastic dyeing.
        (PS) Polystyrene                          (SB) styrene butadiene copolymer
        (HIPS) High impact polystyrene            (AS) acrylonitrile styrene copolymer
        (PC) Polycarbonate                        (ABS) acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer
        (UPVC) Rigid polyvinyl chloride           (372) styrene methacrylic acid copolymer
        Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)            (CA) cellulose acetate
        (SAN) styrene acrylonitrile copolymer     (CP) allyl cellulose

        Dye application
        The above dyes are soluble in plastic melt, and they are in a certain molecular shape. When the various kinds of plastics are colored, a certain proportion can be directly added into the plastic, and the uniform mixing can be pre molded or molded. The dye in the transparent clean resin, can obtain the bright transparent color tone, if and the proper amount of titanium dioxide and the dye use, can obtain the translucent or opaque color. Dosage can be agreed upon, the general amount of transparency in the 0.02%-0.05%, the normal amount of opacity to 0.1% or so.


        Quality index
        Heat resistance reached 240 C -300 C
        The light fastness was 6-7 grade, 7-8 grade
        Resistance to migration reached 3-4 grade, 4-5 grade
        Coloring strength was 100% + 3%
        Moisture < 1%
        Fineness through 60 mesh sieve

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